Acrobat PDF error reading linearized hint data

Acrobat PDF: error reading linearized hint data

I came accross this Error when I uploaded the PDF file on my website and tried to open it through my web browser

when I opened the same PDF  file which was on my hard disk it opened without any Error

After searching on google I found solution or you may say workaround for this issue

Open Acrobat Reader
Open the menu Edit/Preferences/General/Options.
Disable the entry: "Allow fast web view."
Save the changes

Now after  following above steps if you try to open the file through web browser it opens without any Error Though this solution is fine for those  who are getting the error for files which are stored  on their Hard disk

But in my case its not advisible to tell people to do the above steps to there Acrobat Reader and then open the files from the website to view them

So to over come this issue specially with PDF files what I would suggest is instead of allowing browsers to open the PDF file in the Acrobat Reader force the user to download it on there machines first.